X-Meridian OpAmp Update

July 29, 2007 by · 2 Comments 

A few months back I posted a short review of the Auzentech X-Meridian sound card, as well my thoughts on a few of the popular aftermarket opamp upgrades. My decision at the time was that I preferred the TI/Burr Brown OPA2107 for its lack of the typical Burr Brown sound with a solid mid-to-high range and cleaner bass.

That said, 4 months later all four OPA2107 opamps have failed!

To clarify, it's not that they've stopped outputting sound all together or have fried my card (in fact, it may have been the other way around), it's just that they all pop and click almost constantly when any signal level passes through them.

In my original review I had mentioned that I had also intended on trying the newer National LM4562 but that some supply chain issues prevented me from receiving them until about a week after I had wanted to install the card. Well, this was as good a time as any and I decided to toss them in and give them a try.

If I had to sum up the LM4562 in one word it would have to be "accurate". These opamps aren't as "boomy" or "warm" as the Burr Brown alternatives so if your source is of poor quality, <cough>MP3s</cough>, they'll let you know. I also found myself adjusting the "Bass" knob on my Klipsch speakers up a point to compensate.

In any case, out of the four types of opamps I've tried (OPA2134, OPA2227, OP2107, and now LM4562) the LM4562s are now my favorite. I still like the OPA2107 (and if you're a compressed music lover then these may be the best for you) but am a little concerned that it may have been the card itself that fried them and not that it was just a bad batch of chips.


2 Responses to “X-Meridian OpAmp Update”
  1. FLACvest says:


    I'm new to Computer Audio...

    I've got the OPA627AU in all 4 channels of the X-Meridian, and am wondering about the LM4562... WHAT do you need in all to order the right ones, adaptors, solder, whatever, to assemble the packages (or can they be ordered in the right package) to be popped into the X-Meridian?? I have a second board I picked up and want to compare the SQ of the two types of opamps...

    Bored woth the OPA627AU somehow. Also curious about Analog Devices chips and wondering about the best one of those for the X-Meridian in all channels... I have an iBasso T4 headphone amp and the AD8610 is real nice in that puppy! I like the character of Analog Devices.

    I like what you say about the True-ness and resolution of the LM4562 and want to try.

  2. Chris says:


    thanks for the review allthough it`s a little outdated. I've also tried OPA2134 and LM4562 and came to the same conclusion. If you want superior audio signal amplification for outstanding audio performance choose LM4562. It gives the amplifier excellent operational DC performance.


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