Yum Repo Housekeeping

March 18, 2013 by · 8 Comments 

About 30 minutes ago I moved the yum repository files from the "media" folder on this domain to a dedicated subdomain of http://yum.jasonlitka.com.  This is simply a housekeeping measure. It's easier to keep track of those files when they're on a separate subdomain and it gives me the flexibility to easily spin them off to a separate server should the bandwidth requirements get out of control.  On that, a big thank you to Linode (referral link) for recently increasing your bandwidth limits by 10x and to Cloudflare for absorbing close to 50% of my traffic for the grand total of $0.00/month.

This shouldn't have any impact on running servers using the repository since the old location has a 301 redirect to the new one.  If you do hit a problem try a "yum clean all".  If that doesn't work then let me know.

On a semi-related note, I migrated servers about a month back and apparently didn't configure outbound email...  If you tried to use the contact form since the beginning of February then I didn't get your message.  Sorry.

This site is no longer updated. If you have a need for RHEL/CentOS LAMP Stack updates outside the normal channels, I recommend ART. https://updates.atomicorp.com/channels/