XCache 1.2.0 src.rpm Updated

February 23, 2007 by · Leave a Comment 

For those of you using it, the src.rpm for XCache 1.2.0 in my PHP Caching and Acceleration with XCache tutorial has been updated to fix a bug that might occur on some servers (see this ticket for more information).

Online Capacity Expansion (Gone South) with Openfiler and a 3Ware RAID card

February 20, 2007 by · 5 Comments 

If you've been reading my blog then you'd know that I use OpenFiler for my home storage needs. When I originally provisioned the system it was with a pretty beefy box. One thing I went short on though was storage. I purchased a high-end RAID card (3Ware 9590SE-16ML) but then proceeded to only install 3 drives (Western Digital RE2 500 GB). I did this for a bunch of reasons, but the most important are that, 1. hard drives cost money and they wern't currently needed, 2. hard drive prices go down, and 3. the raid controller I purchased supports Online Capacity Expansion (OCE).

A few days ago I noticed that my storage array was about 80% full. As such, I decided to order another 500GB RE2 (for $40 less than the original three, proving point #2) and test out 3Ware's OCE.

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Upgrading to PHP 5.2.1 on RHEL and CentOS

February 10, 2007 by · 36 Comments 

Well, PHP 5.2.1 was released on Thursday so here we go again. PHP 5.2.1 contains more than 180 bug fixes, as well as some performance improvements (official release statement). For those of you that like to stay on the bleeding edge, here's my how-to on upgrading to PHP 5.2.1 for RHEL & CentOS 4.

As I have done with the last few upgrade tutorials, I'm including the modified src.rpm at the bottom of this post. Compiled RPM packages are NOT going to be included as PHP RPMs are dependent on the version of httpd that you're running. If you didn't follow my Upgrading to httpd 2.2.4 how-to, my compiled binaries won't do you a bit of good. In any case, if you've followed any of my other tutorials, you're probably pretty familiar with the process. If not, read my how-to's on Upgrading to PHP 5.1.6 & Upgrading to PHP 5.2.0 BEFORE proceeding as they both contain helpful information about the process.

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