apr, apr-util, & pcre Updated

March 20, 2007 by · 6 Comments 

The files in my yum repository (32- and 64-bit) have been updated to the newest available versions of 'apr' (1.2.8), 'apr-util' (1.2.8), and 'pcre' (7.0). 'httpd' has also been rebuilt to take advantage of the newer versions. I would suggest that all users apply these updates.


6 Responses to “apr, apr-util, & pcre Updated”
  1. Jacek says:

    How do you feel about updating MySQL to version 5.0.38 which is officialy out at:
    Great work! All the best, Jacek

  2. Jason says:

    It's another Enterprise-only release but sure, why not.

    I'll work on these today, they should be up within a few hours for 32-bit. 64-bit binaries may not be up until later this evening or tomorrow morning.

    EDIT: Both 32-bit & 64-bit packages are up and running.

  3. Ayourk says:

    Where is the SRPM?

  4. Jason says:

    SRPM files for MySQL, httpd, and PHP are linked to from the announcement post when I've finished the build.

    As to SRPMS for the updated packages mentioned above, there are no differences in these packages over the ones in the FC Development tree so I have not posted them here. Binary packages are included in my repo to cover dependencies.

  5. Ayourk says:

    Thanks. Got it from http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/development/source/SRPMS/
    I noticed the patch level is newer there than what you have here (pl6 vs pl4).

  6. Jason says:

    Yes, it's possible that their patch level is higher. I tend to not update from the devel repo unless something important was changed because those releases don't always work perfectly.

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