Update to “Upgrading to MySQL 5.0.36 on RHEL and CentOS”

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If you followed my earlier guide on Upgrading to MySQL 5.0.36 on RHEL & CentOS 4, you don't really need to read this. If you haven't, you may want to read the other for reference, but I would strongly recommend that you follow this guide instead.

My prior two releases of MySQL have been using a heavily modified version of the official MySQL.com spec file for RHEL. My goal for those releases was to provide packages with the same names as the default RH-supplied packages. This involved renaming all of the packages that were created, as well as combining "MySQL-client" and "MySQL-common" into a single package called "mysql". There were also a few other compatibility changes made (such as renaming the init script from "mysql" to "mysqld" so that it wouldn't break any applications that tried to restart MySQL using that script.

That said, after a comment by Jacek on my last how-to, I decided to go back to the latest src.rpm provided in the Fedora development tree and update it to work with 5.0.36. While it took a good amount of time to work out the bugs, I have come up with a new set of packages that not only mimic the structure of the default Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora packages, but duplicate the functionality as well.

A good portion of my time was spent updating some of the patches to work with this newest version of MySQL. A few were no longer needed as the patches had been merged into the latest code-base and a few needed to be updated so that they could patch the newest version of the source. There were also a couple of man pages that were left behind so that necessitated another change (and another 90 minutes rebuilding the RPMs).

In any case, here they are.

Update (9/24/2009): Packages deleted, use the yum repository instead.


7 Responses to “Update to “Upgrading to MySQL 5.0.36 on RHEL and CentOS””
  1. Jacek says:

    Jason, thanks for the time and effort you took to upgrade the .src package. Now it builds flawlessly on my x86_64 system... EXCEPT FOR the last stage of incorporating manual files into rpms.

    When I look into "/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/mysql-5.0.36/man" directory on my system the files like "mysql2mysql.1". "myisamchk.1", etc. are not gziped, thus they are not found, which breaks the final phase of rpm package creation.

    When I update the 'man' section of the spec file to replace all ".1.gz" extensions with ".1*", then the build finished successfully. I also discovered that these uncompressed files are the reason for the increase in size of mysql-server-5.0.34.xxx.rpm. Am I missing some kind of utility which should compress the manual files automatically during the build process?

  2. Jacek says:

    MySQL Community Server 5.0.37 has just been released...

  3. Jason says:

    The man page problem is not one I experienced during the package build. it could be something that only comes up on an x86_64 build, I don't know (I don't have a spare 64-bit development box and I broke VMWare trying to install the 6.0 beta).

    As to MySQL 5.0.37, give me a couple hours and I'll see what I can come up with...

  4. Jacek says:

    I tried to compile the 37 release using your spec changing the version argument in the mysql.spec file to "Version: 5.0.37" and adding "mysql-5.0.37.tar.gz" to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES directory.

    The compilation starts smoothly, everything seems to OK, but then it fails at "information_schema" test. I also tried disabling patches #4 and #10 again as a remedy, but this time it does not help. Perhaps we'll have to wait for a solution from RedHat/Fedora/CentOS engineering teams.

    I am looking forward to your future tutorials. Thank you very much for your work. All the best, Jacek

  5. Undef says:

    Thanks for your work building these packages, i have one small issue which you have have a solution for:

    mysql-server is has the dependency of perl-DBD-MySQL and which wants a different version of the client libs (see output below), do you have an rpm for this perl package?

    --> Processing Dependency: perl-DBD-MySQL for package: mysql-server
    --> Restarting Dependency Resolution with new changes.
    --> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait.
    ---> Package perl-DBD-MySQL.i386 0:2.9004-3.1 set to be updated
    --> Running transaction check
    --> Processing Dependency: libmysqlclient.so.14 for package: perl-DBD-MySQL
    --> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Error: Missing Dependency: libmysqlclient.so.14 is needed by package perl-DBD-MySQL

    This on centos4.

  6. Jason says:

    First, try using the 5.0.37 packages instead of 5.0.36, they're newer. Second, you can get the 'mysqlclient14' package from the 'centosplus' repo, that should solve your dependency problem. I think I'll actually add that package to my repo, just in case anyone else has that issue pop up.


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